First Teaser Online

After two months of intense post production we’re proud to release the first official teaser of the project!

I got the first final renders last week. I was so blown away by the shots that I decided to make a small preview for the project. The idea of a teaser was born. I worked on the concept of the storytelling within just a few minutes.

We started with finalizing the shots.

The 3D was astonishing, it was now up to me to create a dark atmosphere with dark color grading and editing.

I finished the trailer within 3 days. The mistake was to upload it before showing it to people for constructive critic.

It’s a mistake a lot of filmmakers do. Someone who’s fully into the materia usually gets lost in it and can’t take a step back to see how the full picture looks.

After a sleepless night, and rewatching the first version of the teaser over 100 times I deleted it again (even though it got over 600 hits in the first day). I started re-editing and even added a new vfx shot in it. I think the final teaser is pretty decent looking, but judge yourself!