Transformers: The Last Energon Crystal Official Poster

Transformers: The Last Energon Crystal Official Poster

First Teaser Online

After two months of intense post production we’re proud to release the first official teaser of the project!

I got the first final renders last week. I was so blown away by the shots that I decided to make a small preview for the project. The idea of a teaser was born. I worked on the concept of the storytelling within just a few minutes.

We started with finalizing the shots.

The 3D was astonishing, it was now up to me to create a dark atmosphere with dark color grading and editing.

I finished the trailer within 3 days. The mistake was to upload it before showing it to people for constructive critic.

It’s a mistake a lot of filmmakers do. Someone who’s fully into the materia usually gets lost in it and can’t take a step back to see how the full picture looks.

After a sleepless night, and rewatching the first version of the teaser over 100 times I deleted it again (even though it got over 600 hits in the first day). I started re-editing and even added a new vfx shot in it. I think the final teaser is pretty decent looking, but judge yourself!


It is time for another update. I’m currently working on the model of Megatron. The textures are almost done. I’m aware that the model has some stretched textures in some points but this will be fixed soon.

I want to take the opportunity to thank my Friend and great modeler Edgaus for making such a wonderful work on the cannon.

Here is a high res render of the model we’ll use as Megatron for our short:

megatron textures

Check out a 360° video here:

Various Stages of Production

Meeting Luima

A few weeks back I was searching a CG Artist for another project. I found a very talented and aspiring artist called Luima.

As I looked at his website and his references I noticed this tremendous CG Model of Optimus Prime. I found out that he did this just for fun. I was amazed by the detail of the model.

I came up with the idea to create a Transformer short film in order to show our skills. A reference project.

I contacted Luima, and he was pleasantly surprised that I wanted to do a short based on his model. It turned out that Luima was a pretty big Transformers fan himself. He told me that he made another model, a model of Megatron.

I couldn’t believe it, we had two amazing models. Now it was up to me to create a pretty decent storyline. That was when I started writing the script.

Writing the Script

The final script was only 3 pages long. We wanted to make the short only around 3-5 Minutes because we wanted to publish this on video platforms such as Youtube & Vimeo. I discussed the basic storyline with Luima and showed him my Script. He was very confident that this project will “kick ass”.

The short has a pretty complex fight scene. I tried to explain the fight scene to Luima. He understood, but it took 2 hours for me to explain it. That was the point I started drawing storyboards.

Drawing Storyboards / Bringing my vision on paper

I realized soon that I couldn’t draw a transformer due to it’s complexivity. The first drawings looked horrible. I discussed that issue with Luima and he came up with the idea to buy toys and then picture them in the right angle. That way I would have perfect reference pictures.

So I took the pictures with the Toys and it looked pretty decent. Now I had the perfect reference for my storyboard.

(Notice: It’s not Megatron I know. Megatron was sold out.)

Later I went to the location we wanted to shoot and I took pictures of the angles I wanted to shoot. Now I had everything I needed for the Storyboard.


We shot everything in one day. It was an extraordinary experience for the whole team.
I’ve never shot a movie where the CG & VFX elements are the most important part and the physical actor is just a small part of it.

Especially for actor Kevin it was new to act in front of nothing where later giant robots will fight for their lives. It was funny to see the face of him when I first told him how giant the robots will be.

However it was very cool to shoot with such a great team and we shot awesome footage!

The post production process could start.

Post Production

After two days I had a rough edit I could show the team and especially Luima. He was amazed by it and I was now confident too that this project will blow our minds.

Right now I’m finishing up the harddrive which I’ll send to Luima. From there it’s up to him to make this awesome. I have full trust in him, he’ll make something awesome!

So that were the stages we went through during Pre-Production/Production and currently Post-Production. From now on Luima will update the blog with his amazing renders!